Securing Amazon Web Services

One of the reasons AWS has been so quickly embraced by organisations, of all sizes, is its ease of use and speed of deployment. The AWS platform is extremely stable and secure, however, what is built upon the platform still needs to be built to best practice and secured to enterprise levels. AWS secure their cloud but are not responsible for securing your data.

Using either third party applications or built-in AWS technologies, Nuvens can help you ring fence your data as secure as if it was on-premise. 

How It Works

Nuvens can provide you a complete audit of your cloud or hybrid cloud environment or you can take the modular approach. We will review  over 450 critical pre-built security best practice checks and alerts stemming from standards, regulations, vendor recommendations and our in-house experts. 

Our straight talking  and down to earth approach will help you understand what necessary changes are needed to match your own security requirements.

VPC Review

Identify missing or inappropriately configured security controls related to external access/network security that could result in a security exposure.

Cloud Trail Config

 Validate that audit logging is being performed on the guest OS and critical applications installed on the EC2 instances and that the implementation aligned with your policies and procedures

Audit Users and Permissions

Identify how users and permissions are set up in AWS for the services being used. We will ensure that the credentials associated with all of your AWS accounts are being managed securely.


We provide the security, audit, and visibility tools to help fulfill PCI, HIPAA, FISMA Moderate, NIST 800-53, and other major compliance frameworks.

Live monitoring 

We provide you visibility into the state of your public cloud and will alert you about critical changes to configurations, resources, and security groups.

Cloud Perimeter Assessment

We can dynamically scan the entire environment to identify all publicly accessible resources, open ports, and protocols.

And the best part….

All of our AWS platform users get the above reports for free

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