Cloud Wash

There maybe circumstances where an application needs to be moved off premise into the public cloud as quickly as possible. A Cloud Wash is where we lift and shift you application into AWS in the safest and most cost effective manner.

Our data driven approach enables us to provide you with all the information you need upfront, to allow a smooth transition with minimal risk to the application and your business. 

Nuvens 4 Stages For A Successful Application Cloud Wash 

  • Precisely Project TCO

    • Performance Analysis: View a detailed performance analysis on compute, storage, and network resources based on observed peak CPU utilisation, storage capacity, IOPS, and more.

    • Cloud Comparison: Compare TCO across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), so you can decide which option is the best fit based on your current application workload profiles.

    • Cost Breakdown: Gain deep visibility into your cloud TCO by breaking down projected costs by compute, storage, and network.


    Optimise Your Cloud Environment

    • Workload Mapping: Right-size instances based on data analysis to identify the best cloud configuration for optimal performance at the lowest possible cost.

    • Planning and Forecasting: Run “what if” scenarios by changing regions, pricing plans, instance types, and more, so you can right-size your infrastructure based on your performance target.

    • Pricing Plans: Find additional cost savings by determining the ideal pricing packages based on your usage profile.

    • Projection Analysis: View a projected performance analysis that shows your current performance vs. your performance with your recommended cloud configuration.



We measure your existing physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure to understand your current application workloads and their performance profiles, so you can accurately identify your optimal cloud configuration and pricing plan.


We automate the discovery of applications across physical, virtual, and cloud environments and assesses dependencies and cloud suitability for each, so you can prioritise applications for migration and efficiently build a successful roadmap to the cloud.

  • Design Your Migration

    Automated Application and Infrastructure Inventory: View all of your applications and their dependency details, including inbound firewall rules, client app DNS, CPU usage by app, and TCO to migrate.
    Migration Designer: Group applications based on their dependencies, business uses, migration phases, and more.
    Application Grouping: Group your servers based on business applications and affinity mapping.

    Ensure Seamless Migration

    Application Dependency Mapping: Map application dependencies and zoom in on individual dependencies to view details on all processes.
    Cloud Suitability Analysis: Capture an application’s cloud compatibility and efficiency gain based on workload characteristics and unique options available in the cloud.
    Cloud Readiness Analysis: Determine an application’s readiness to run in the cloud based on application dependency mapping, platform portability, and application complexity.

plan image nuvens
  • Accelerate Your Migration 

    Migration Integration: We can install your migration tool so you can more efficiently begin moving your workloads to the cloud. 
    Migration Plan Import: Import your migration plan into the migration tool of your choice and for each move group view its host name, its compute, network, and storage settings for the cloud to ensure your tool accurately executes your plan.
    Migration Status: View the migration status of each machine you move to the cloud.

migrate enviroment



We can integrate with your current tool for cloud migration, so you can move your workloads with speed and accuracy to the right configuration in Amazon Web Services.


We ensure that your application connections are operating in the cloud as they should be and recommend how to address any issues.

  • Accelerate Your Migration 

    Application Dependency Visualization: Compare the new cloud state of your application connections to your historical on-premises state.
    Connectivity Gaps: Immediately identify any gaps in application connectivity in the cloud.
    Actionable Insights: Receive recommendations on how to fix any application connection issues.


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