VI to Cloud Workload Mapping

“The best way to estimate costs is to examine the fundamental characteristics for each AWS product, estimate
your usage for each characteristic, and then map that usage to the prices posted on the website.”


AWS, Azure and Google all provide online calculators for you to estimate how much your infrastructure or application will cost to run on their platform. However, not only will you need to understand each vendors branding of services, you will also need to have a good understanding of your current compute, storage and network throughput. If any of these elements are miscalculated or not known, the output from these calculators would be extremely inaccurate

Nuvens provide a simple, cost effective, non-intrusive service ensuring the data is accurately gathered and the resource is correctly mapped.

A full cloud cost comparison audit starts at just
£995ex VAT

Our workload mapping of your virtualised and non-virtualised system configurations take into account and incorporate actual workload and usage characteristics. Some of the workload characteristics we consider when putting together the optimal plan include peak CPU usage, useable storage, peak and provisioned IOPS and usage patterns. Nuvens right-size instances based on the data analysis to identify the best cloud configuration for optimal performance at the lowest possible cost.

We compare the TCO across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, so you can decide which option is the best fit based on your current application workload profiles