Fanatical About Amazon WorkSpaces


Nuvens is Portuguese for Clouds. Our company name is in Portuguese as it’s the most common form of native tongue in the Amazon rain-forest. At Nuvens, we just do Amazon Web Services and out of the ever growing services AWS offer, we specialise and focus on a select few. 

Amazon WorkSpaces and Appstream are two such technologies, that are changing the way companies look at delivering the desktop solution to their users. Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed, secure Desktop-as-a-Service solution that can be easily provisioned with minimal capital investment. 

At Nuvens, we help you accelerate the deployment of your amazon WorkSpaces environment, whilst ensuring the foundations and design is in place that it is secure, optimised and flexible to grow or change with your specific requirements. We are a AWS Advanced Partner, Launch Partner for the End User Computing Navigate Competency and follow the AWS Well Architected program.


Amazon WorkSpaces Improves Users productivity and flexibility whilst decreasing operational and capital cost.


We will help you create and configure your WorkSpaces POC environment at ZERO cost to yourselves


Understand what applications are installed and actually being used and whether they are suitable candidates for WorkSpaces


We will guide you to ensure that the foundations are in place for future proofing your cloud investment


High Level and Low Level Amazon WorkSpaces designs, that follow AWS best practice and your company’s specific requirement

Application Delivery

Design and deliver your applications to your Amazon WorkSpaces through best practice and complimentary technologies


Automate the delivery and management of your Amazon WorkSpaces Fleet

AWS Services

While experts in the Amazon End User Computing platform, we can also assist you with general AWS infrastructure.


Choose light touch or fully managed Amazon WorkSpaces experience

Nuvens for Amazon Workspaces

Simplifying delivery of your virtual desktops in the Amazon Web Services Cloud

Nuvens will start you on your Amazon Workspaces virtual desktop in the Cloud journey at zero cost to your company. With Amazon Workspaces, you don’t need complicated infrastructure to support and have a fully available, scalable, configurable and secure service whenever your user base require it.

The Nuvens Experience 

Nuvens is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Consulting Partner which means that you have a trusted partner to deliver your Amazon Workspace vision. Our collaborative experience is made up of many years of delivering solutions across a wide variety of platforms and a large range of sectors. Therefore we understand processes from both an end-user, and administrative, viewpoint.

We offer you the full life-cycle service from assisting you in your Proof Of Technology, driving the Proof Of Concept process with up to 5 of your applications, through to implementing Amazon Workspaces in your Production environment.

We take into account the whole spectrum which includes your infrastructure, connectivity, security and application set. The end user experience is of paramount importance to us, both in performance and usability, and that it available to them when they need it.

Bespoke Automation of your Amazon WorkSpaces Estate  

We provide an auto-provisioning method which saves administration time, just by adding or removing users from an Active Directory group. This allows simple on-boarding and off-boarding of end-users. This could be particularly useful in offshoring functions.

We offer a personal Self-Service portal where users can stop, start and rebuild their own Workspaces without having to call the Service Desk. Our enhanced ‘Administration’ portal provides Amazon Workspace administrators with useful information such as which Amazon Workspaces have not been used within the month and providing additional search and reporting functions.

Availability, scalability and cost effectiveness

This is a highly available, scalable, configurable and managed service that you only pay for what you need and use. There are no up front costs for scaling out, so this negates the requirement to raise purchase orders for additional licenses for products. Furthermore, there is no additional hardware or storage for you to purchase. You can scale up and down.  You also have the choice to use Amazon’s shared model or to use your own  BYOL (Bring Your Own License) model when it comes to deploying Amazon WorkSpaces.

Application integration

We will integrate your applications for you, or will assist you in this process if you preffer. We will also work with, and support you if there are any applications that are identified in having issues that may require vendor involvement.

Minimal infrastructure required

There are no web servers, database servers or any other aspect of infrastructure to configure or maintain when it comes to Amazon Workspaces.  Therefore your valuable administrative time is spent in other areas that require it.

Levels of security

Besides being an ‘out of the box’ secure connection solution, we can implement the security that is right for your business. This maybe via secure certificates, IP ranges, types of devices or 2-Factor authentication. We also harden and optimise the operating system environment for you prior to installing applications.

User Experience

Your users will have access to a fully managed, roaming, secure and highly available secure Cloud virtual desktop on a range of devices that you can specify. You can either use corporate devices on your network, or implement a new (or join an existing) BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) organisational policy.


Nuvens Clients

We are very fortunate to work with some of the greatest companies in their field, helping them maximise their investment in the AWS platform.

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